Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dogs don't get DST

DST - Daylight Savings Time, it's like the FDIC for the Sun!

I learned a very interesting thing this morning, it's that Dogs, really don't get DST. Why? Well probably has something to do with the fact that 1. they don't work for a living (except at being cute), 2. they don't have an alarm clock (other than my really loud one) and 3. DST is a man-made boundary used to help us (being all farmers that we are) have a more productive day-cycle.

This morning at @ 5:45 our littlest, strider, starts a whining... Whatever could be wrong??? Well He had to perform his usual early morning ritual.... you know the same one we all perform every morning-- A cup of coffee and readin the morning paper [;o)

So I went ahead and got up to let him out (to go get the paper) and started getting ready myself. On the way to MY usual ritual (Which really did involve a cup of coffee this time) I started thinking about DST, and the effect on dogs.... which is what brings us here.

In my thinking I realized that Dogs are not bound by the pressures of our lives. Sure they have their own problems to deal with... like should I stay laying here, or go bark at a bug in the window sill... or which squeaky toy will be the best for the mood i am in at this moment, was that a car??(yes i think my dogs are as add as I am)But they don't deal with the stress that we all put ourselves under every day. They are pretty easy to adapt, given a little time, and are pretty good about doing the same things over and over and over.

If I were to look for a spiritual point in all of this it would be this (to paraphrase in the Tim H style)

Matthew 6:26 (loose) Look at the Chihuahua's and terriers, they don't work for a living trading stocks, and building things with their hands, yet when their food bowls are empty, are they not shortly thereafter filled again? We take care of them, does not our heavenly father also take care of us?

Point being, I think sometimes we need to slow down a bit and jump up into air daddy's laps and wag our tails (you get what i mean) We just need to enjoy God, not spend so much time worrying about being on time to that meeting that you really don't have to be at but you really do want to impress your boss so you might get noticed and get a bigger piece of cake at the next office birthday party (and YES I have worked in a cubicle). Enjoy GOD!

I think if we can learn to do that, then when the urges come to help others, or spend time with those in need we will be ready!

that's my thoughts and I'm stickin to em!

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