Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Day!

This past week, I have been spending most of my time re-setting everything from last weekend with the Carrs - which coincidentally was an AMAZING time! During this time, I have kind of been in brain-dead mode mostly due to the extensive amount of time spent last week, as well as technology isn't personally interactive.

I am realizing the need more and more to be on my guard during these times. Sometimes it is GREAT to get away from the norm, and shut the brain down to recharge for a while, and sometimes if you aren't careful, this can be detrimental.

I was going to stay home this morning and get some work done around the house, but realized that I really missed being around people... only 3-4 days of it and I miss it. I have grown accustomed to being around people every day that if I go for a long time without it, I start to feel like everything is out of order... How weird is that! Even in my relationship with God, if I isolate myself from everyone around me all the time I can really miss some great opportunities.... In fact just this morning, because I came up to PCJ (shipyard office) I was able to meet a lady, through another acquaintance that is working with a project called Outside the Walls, designed to get churches to help be a part of community volunteering events outside the walls of their own churches... AWESOME!!!

I don't think this post has much of a point other than some personal thoughts, but its what I got!

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johhnboy said...

you used the wrong "weather" in your blog description. sorry i had to be the one to point it out!