Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Doubt by Faith

Ok, so I know that the title of this blog will probably make my fellow Rhema alumni grab their torch and pitch forks....
this is a very important topic that has been on my mind for a while, so please bear with me while I get my thoughts out there.

Doubt, is one of those things that has been preached on and fussed at for years and years. As I was driving down the road the other day it hit me... Doubt isn't the problem... it is walking out your fears, and working past your / my insecurities! Jesus never yelled at them for doubting.... that wasn't the issue... he chastised people for walking in fear and allowing that fear, and doubt to dominate their actions! Too many times I hear Christians getting on to each other about having doubts, instead of asking... what is causing that doubt?


I have my own company.... and my own debt. I have found myself at times doubting weather or not I would be able to make a payment for the month... NOW, I know that God said that he would take care of me, and I know that HE has not led me out in the middle of nowhere to leave me alone.... but, get this, HE didn't put ME into debt! God has been so good to me over the years, but I am the one that got myself into debt, having said that.... let's examine the doubt for a moment.

I don't doubt that God is faithful to me, nor do I doubt that God could help me out of this tight situation.... what I doubt is that I will be able to be faithful to what is necessary to accomplish the goal at hand. Will I be able to have enough work in this next month to cover the cost of bills?

Here's where Faith comes in--- Doubt is an opportunity to learn, just like the man that said to Jesus; I believe.... Help my unbelief!
I have a great opportunity in this situation... I can ask for help! I can run to God because of mu doubt.... it will push me to God IF I am honest about what the doubt actually is! At that point I can turn my doubt into faith, by asking God to help, believing and relying on Him to help me through any hard times!!!! Now THAT's Good!!!

Think about that for a second... If I were to deny my doubt and say I'm trusting God, here's what would happen;
1. I would be saying I am trusting God, without ever knowing the source
2. I will be communicating that God is helping me through something that I have not even asked Him to help me through! (and yes I know in spite of ourselves God still comes through)
3. I will eliminate an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity for God to really come through in my life!

You see, sometimes God's plans are not ours (most of the time), and unless we communicate to/with God and try to listen, we will never really know what God wants out of us in this time(and yes I do know that he has given us the bible as a guide).

These are my thoughts.... Don't run from doubt, but look for the cause and grow from there!