Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time to Blog!!

Like everything in life, it all boil's down to how much time you devote to any one thing

whether it be work, school, music, god, face book, or (heaven forbid) even blogging!

In my world lately I haven't had time for much except for God, family, and lots and lots of work... but I did decide to take a moment out of my busy day and post a blog entry.

Things are well, I am excited that this week I will be rolling out a demo church management system to begin some of the final tweaking and testing before I make it a live project! I am super excited about this and am really looking forward to seeing it used on a day to day basis.

My wife and I got bikes (as in 2 wheels, and pedals... but no lawn mower engine) We have been ridding a couple of times a week and I have really been enjoying the time we get to spend together.
It seems like no matter how busy I get, I can always be a little bit busier and I have to take the time out and enjoy my wife and a bit of nature.

Well now that's out of my system... back to the grind...

Cracking open a new book - OOP DeMystified (a self teaching guide) - now if I could only get a teacher that doesn't have ADD i will be set