Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Tried, I Really Did!

So This weekend has been a fun experience for me... 
I got a new laptop... HP TouchSmart Tx2z Tablet

Straight out of the box, started it up, went through the 20 min setup and registration, inserted a special disk and wiped out the entire drive


I wanted to try to get a Hackintosh going... A PC running OS x

Now before I get into the nity gritty details ... let me say to all of the mac snobs out there... I go through hardware fast... @ 2 machines every 2-3 years... MOSTLY because I am doing so much with them I have to upgrade to get the power I need to continually do what I need to do -- so right out of the gate I will NOT spend 2k for a laptop just because it is easy and pretty [;o)

-- So Here I am on my new HP Mac typing this post right now... 

Why Mac??? 

Well B/C it is a unix environment OS that ALSO will run Adobe Software(which I use both the unix environment and adobe stuff)

Best of both worlds and CHEAPER than any Mac off the shelf (a lot cheaper) - PLUS its a tablet

Here's what I have found out... 

1. Mac is slick!
    Its pretty, smooth, and will do what I need it to do with little effort
2. Mac is Boring 
     Once you get past the pretties and the smoothness of it all... there's not much going on... I mean yeah, it works but you can't tweak the mess out of, manipulating every little file. It is a nice system but I am already bored with it... IF I stay with mac, all I will do is work, surf, and a few measley games... which brings me to my next point
3. NOT for Games!!! 
   Yeah, it has some games you can get, but isn't built for it... nuff said
4. Drivers & Compatibility - 
    And HERE is the true kicker of the matter why as I am sitting here typing this on Mac OSx, I am also downloading Linux and  Windows 7 - Mac doesn't support the hardware correctly... 
MOST everything works out of the box... BUT the touchscreen ... It works but once you get out to the edge of the screen the calibration is WAY off

I tried a linux disk and even they got that right without AND modifications

So What Gives??? 

I know it is an issue of apple only wanting OSx to be on apple machines... What a load!!! I would Gladly purchase OSx Over Windows any day... IF it would work right and completely on my machine!

So Now I am torn... Back to my original issue

Do I install Windows, and have a Virtual System for development/unix environ?? 
Or do I install Linux and have a virtual system for Adobe to play in??? 

Such hard decisions... I guess I could always re-install Mac once they get the right drivers for my hardware... if they ever do!