Saturday, February 16, 2008


Now, before I get swarmed by the CDC... busting down my door with little white suits, putting my little dogs in little surgical masks and little plastic booties (what an image)...

Let me explain

I Have Terabyte!!!!
Ok, so it doesn't sound as exciting as I think it should, but I thought everyone who doesn't really care should know. Last weekend I created my first +terabyte storage server.

The purpose??? Does it matter??? Point is, growing up, learning computers in my teens I had always heard about this "Magical term". Now mind you, this was when a Gigabyte was still theorhetical, and "Google" was a 1 followed by 100 "0's"(googol).
Now my intention with having this "machine" was for the main purpose of file backups and storage for My wife and I as well as for some clients and projects... I got tired of lugging around 20 protable storage drives, having 30 coppies of each backup just to make sure everything was safe, only to drop a hard drive and wipe out the last 6 months of backups in one fell swoop.
Hopefully I have fixed all of those problems, and solved a few I wasn't originally intending on solving.

Here's where normal people can stop reading (i'm gonna get a bit techie)

What I did...

4 - 500GB Hard drives (480+- actual ... you know binary)
1 - Roswell SATA Raid Card (supports raid 5 - mui importante)... and Yes I bought a second as a backup
1 - HP MediaCenter PC

Pretty simple really, and somewhat painless... hardest part is going to be transferring all of my files from my other drives... not looking forward to that.

Total Storage space 1.3+ TB WOO HOO!!!!!
(for those of you that know math but not Raid)
Raid 5 is the key for me.... Parity, uses the equivilant space of 1 HD to create recovery info so in the event of a drive failure, the data can be re-written, and not lost

So that's my story,
I feel like I have reached a milestone known as the future....
Up next ...