Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TO: Our New President

Congratulations Obama!

I didn't personally vote for you because I didn't think you were best for the job. However I just wanted to let you know that regardless of my personal, religious, or political opinions, you have been elected as our new president. BECAUSE OF THIS, I salute you.

We are a part of a great system in which we can each individually voice our opinions and beliefs, and can openly disagree with each other. Now that the process has been won, I now stand behind you as an American, and a Christian in support of you our soon to be leader and in prayer. I promise that I will lift you up in prayer, and not criticize every decision you make. I promise to pray for you and your family for the sole purpose of encouragement and wisdom. I promise not to pray against you or pray anyway manipulative against you... You are our soon to be elected leader, and for that I stand behind you!

I also pray that at this time in our life that God would protect us and lead and guide us all closer to Him.

Congratulations Obama and family, I support you!

That's all I have to say about that!!

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das wife said...

well said!!