Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Interesting thought for the day.....
I was on my way to work today, stressed about an issue I am having with some computer problems... didn't sleep much last night (as usual) as I am working through a problem. When I got to work, I realized that my stomach was all a fizz over this stress, and it hit me....

My priorities are NOT In the right place. I remember lying in bed this morning with the news going on and on about the financial crisis etc. so on and so forth...... and all I can think about is this computer issue.

I have had quite a few conversations surrounding this financial situation, and all of them involve me saying that there is nothing to really stress about. We have been through a recession before and besides that, I KNOW that God will take care of us, because he has seen us through some pretty wicked times already.... we will snap back, but until then we just need to relax and trust God . - And Here I am .... The Pot calling the Kettle "Cast Iron". Am I stressed about the financial situation and the state of the global economy.... NO instead I am stressed about 3lbs of Metal that would make a GREAT Paperweight one day, WHAT's That about???
Instead of focusing on God, I traded one stressful situation for another!

So all that to say.... I gotta get and keep my priorities straight!! God First, Wife and Dogs Second, Ministry Third... and Computers and the Economy LAST!!!

nuff said, time to walk it!

I'm Out

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