Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flowers - God's way of "Helpin a brother out"

Last night, on my way home (late) i was tasked with stopping in and grabbing dinner for Eliza and I. Eliza (my wife) has got to be the most intelligent, most beautiful, and most creative woman I have ever met, to this end, I find myself always in a difficult place when trying to get her something to bless her when she if feelin down..... or sick..... or whatever. She is a chemist, so anytime I think about getting her some super intelligent gift (like a new space shuttle) we usually can't afford it. She makes jewelry ( BTW she is now selling jewelry here.... you really need to check it out) so when I go and look to buy her jewelry, all i can think about is how much prettier her stuff is (unless it is diamonds, but I am saving that for when I become independently wealthy). Then there's the practical things, like a new pan.... nothing says lovin like ....*think Sherman Helmsly - here you go, now get in there and make me some dinner woman!
I thought about a new band saw, or drill press, but again that wouldn't be used by her often.... OH and you can't forget about chocolate.... but that too is not for just her.... here's some chocolate babe... yes I know there is a piece missing, I mean c'mon it's chocolate.

Which brings me to flowers..... God's way of "helpin a brother out"!! You see, unlike those other things, MOST guys, although having no problems appreciating the beauty of flowers, especially in this context, don't personally benefit from flowers directly. Flowers say... "This is for you - not me, I was thinking about you - Not me". That's why they are so important, it is God's way of helping us guys understand that a gift/thought should have NOTHING to do with the person giving it. YES I Know that it is a nice "Surprise" when you realize that your wife doesn't really want to use that new arc-welder you just bought her, and has no problem with you using it to your heart's content.... But... Gifts like that aren't gifts....
When I give my wife something that is from the heart, it says this is for you and I have absolutely NO benefit from it, because of this I get the benefit of blessing you and hopefully brightening your day!

One of my favorite gifts I found for Eliza that demonstrates this perfectly was a bath pillow that had written across it "Leave Me Alone".
This is for her and her alone!

Thanks God for the little reminders that true love is about others, not symbiosis!

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Eliza said...

Umm can I borrow my arc welder please.

Seriously thanks you did brighten my day.