Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing - The Conclusion part4

To Wrap up this particular discussion, I want to recap a few questions asked

  1. What does a "Healthy" church Look Like?
  2. What does a "Growing Church" look like?
  3. What does an "Effective" church look like?

In MY opinion, knowing that's all it ever is (an opinion)

A Healthy church is one that is always pointing people to Christ. Looks for opportunities to serve within their means and genuinely wants people to come to know Christ, their motivation for ministry is NOT the numbers, the bottom dollar, or how "Everyone Else" is doing it, but based on the call of God for that particular ministry.

A Growing Church, is typically defined by the numbers, and allot of emphasis is spent on parking, and crowd control if you will in relation to just moving the large numbers through the system. Most systems in this type of church seem to be focused on the event and not necessarily the people.... just by virtue of numbers there will always be a large crowd at any event... Although these are not all bad things, where it can be bad is when "The Event" is all there is.

An Effective church is one that has a mission, a purpose and a goal and will accomplish that weather or not anyone shows up to help. These types of churches are generally characterized by their Programs, and their focus on a few direct projects.

So what does it all mean here???

What type of church are you?? what type of church are we??

Ultimately I think it is important to constantly evaluate and find a balance between all three types of churches

I want us to be a Healthy, Growing, and Effective church!!! And that's what we are!!!!!

I'm just sayin!!!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's keep evaluating and keep being a healthy, growing and effective Church for God's glory!