Thursday, July 24, 2008

Would Jesus vote for Ross Perot???... An Introspective

(Yes it is a LONG Post... sorry)

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting outside of the Wilmington International Airport, waiting for my parents to arrive on the obligatorily late flight into our po-dunk (smells like something died outside because we decided in all of our wisdom to put the flight entrance to our city right across the street from our solid waste disposal plant and laughingly secured prison so you will know what we really think of you as our guest) airport.

As I was sitting there (at 12:30 am... yes as in morning and not even the birds are awake) I decided to listen to christian radio... something I don't do often for reasons I may eventually blog about. As I was sitting there the "Point of View" radio Broadcast came on.

Never having been one who follows the Fundamental Evangelical Viewpoints, weather on TV or otherwise... I was curious as to their particular beliefs on the topic of the night--- Abortion

The views written here on my blog do not reflect the views of anyone but me, If you have a problem with what I am saying, please respond... but remember at the end of the day they are still MY beliefs!

I have always had pretty strong views on abortion - against
But, in my years growing up and learning about the things of God, I have had some experiences that would tell me that we(as in Christians) don't always communicate our beliefs in the best way. I think there is a tendency in the world for Christians (as well as other religions) to treat others that don't believe exactly the same, and use the same verbiage, as a blight on society, and an affront to Christ Himself.

I believe as a christian that my life and my principles should be molded from the bible. The way I live my life, the way I view situations that affect me, and the way I present myself to others. I also believe, just as the apostle Paul taught, that there are different responsibilities to the "Law" under which you were born.

I was born under the law of "freedom from death" and Jesus Fulfilled the law for me because there is NO WAY I could have.

Jews are born under the law of "Abraham" and are still responsible to uphold it to this day

Those that are neither Jew, or christian... what law are they born under? What rules must they adhere to??

I submit, that they(for the most part... unless they are a part of another religion) are under the law of self preservation and self fulfillment (see worshippers of Baal) - You see this law is a lot different... it states that I am to look out for myself first, and no one else... it states that I am responsible for my own destiny... that I am my own God and I make my own rules... say what I want because I am not responsible for anyone or anything else!
NOW comes the hard question that I have often asked myself -
What am I accountable for?
Am I responsible to make sure everyone follows the law that I am under?

My responsibility is this-- to simply live in a way that glorifies God, to love God with all of my heart mind and soul, and to love my neighbor as myself-- PERIOD

In this, I have full freedom to encourage others around me to follow a different path, but no requirement for them to do so.

As I was listening to the radio, I realized that they were using a very questionable tactic to communicate their point.

I have always heard the 2 viewpoints of abortion expressed as
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice (emphasis on the individuals right to choose)

Here they were communicating Pro-Life And Pro-Abortion(emphasis on death)

What's the big deal you ask?
This is a very backhanded way of saying that if you aren't behind one group all the way then you are a murderer-- THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!!!

I DO NOT believe that abortion is right or a good thing, but I DO believe that it is NOT MY place to determine someone else path that they have to walk. Each person has to be accountable for their own decisions.

In this same discussion they also said that (bit of a paraphrase for time)
"states that are normally liberal are becoming more conservative, and that is largely because of the liberals views on abortion--- they are aborting not re-producing"

That's when it hit me!!!
These groups are not focused on loving those around them to a knowledge of Christ... they are focused on Politics-- Plain and simple! Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) A marketing tactic used for years to get people to believe a certain thing, or to buy a certain product. It is not designed to Love, or present a view of Love, but to manipulate others so they will vote a certain way-----

So I must ask myself - Do I represent a view that is calloused against others with different views? or do I really LOVE my neighbor, regardless of what their views are or what actions they take in their own walk f life????

.... just thinkin ....

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