Friday, July 11, 2008

The TRUE cost of Deoderizer

In the interest of fairness and possible legal implications, I will tell you a story that recently happened to be, but WITHOUT using the company names. I will refer to them as company A and company POO (you will see why later)

A few days ago, I was on a mission... Shopping for church supplies. As any normal shopping trip would be it was a time filled with fun, laughter, song (you get the picture... it was shopping)
When suddenly a dark cloud began to descend upon me... more specifically on my bowels (at this point I will say, YES it is more information than you need to know, so I will stop there).

As the storm began to rage, I began to look for a place of safety and refuge from the storm (Do you see where I am going with this??). I stopped by "company POO" because they were the closest, in hopes that they would provide a safe shelter from the approaching storm. As I went into the shelter, I was OVERCOME by the grossest, most foul smell I have ever smelled in a public place. I began looking for a seat in the shelter (stall for those that still don't get it) but everyone I saw had "Stuff" on it.... weather that "Stuff" be "Rain" from a previous storm, or "Other" debris (Yes I am serious... why i call it company POO). Never have I been in so nasty of a shelter... even the local parks and rec "Shelters" are better maintained. I kid you NOT, I felt like I was going to throw-up if I stayed in there another second.

The storm was getting closer, the sky's swirling with rage.... I frantically began looking for a new shelter, and I came a cross "company A". I went into the shelter, and was immediately amazed by how well maintained it was... and the smell... oh wow.... almost a sweet smell of citrus, it vaguely reminded me of those orange Flintstones push pops I used to get as a kid. Each of the seats in the shelter were maintained, and clean, it appeared as if the "Grounds keeper" had maintained after every storm... so I felt safe.

The rains came, the thunder rolled, and the storm subsided.

As I began to leave I started thinking

What is the true cost of deodorizer?

--- The true cost of deodorizer, is a potential customer!

In the case of company POO
This was a major bookseller and a store chain, had I felt safe in their "Shelter" I would have browsed around when the storm subsided, possibly seeing some book or other trinket that I absolutely could NOT live without. Instead, their lack of cleanliness and deodorizer sent a potential customer "Running"out the front door. I also know now from that experience that if I ever am in need of a shelter from another storm, I won't even check there.... I will avoid it like the plague (or like I might catch a plague if I go in there again).

In the case of company A
My hat's off to you, and because of your excellent cleanliness, and wonderful smell in your "Shelter" I will promote you---
Company A was "Chic-Fil-A"! An American Icon of cleanliness and non-interactive customer service. Their cost for their deodorizer was not only more advertising via my blog, but continued loyalty from a customer.... who knows if I EVER need shelter from a storm, they are there, safe, clean, and they smell good!!!

Did you get that .... a new phrase I think I just made up??

Non-interactive customer service
JUST as important as the interactive customer service.... but I will blog about that later



Harriet said...

That is actually the funniest blog I have EVER read; I was actually laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A working picture of your brain is totally in order! Thank you for giving us a true "traveler's guide" to taking shelter in the storm! Just like any true leader, you were out in front trying to make a better way for those of us coming along behind pun intended!

Anonymous said...

Ciao, ho trovato il vostro blog tramite Google durante la ricerca di primo soccorso per un attacco di cuore e il tuo post sembra molto interessante per me.