Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Wilmington Milestone

This past week, Tim Blevins and myself had the opportunity to go spend a little time at PC3.
Without going into too much detail, let me just say, I was overwhelmed when I walked into their new sanctuary.

You see, I have lived in this town for many years, and most of my ministry experience and expectations have been built around this town. At my last church, when it was younger I spent a lot of time learning about church growth, and planning, and being a part of vision-casting sessions... and durring it all, I had this sense that there must be more. There MUST be a way to have a church over 1000 people that is thriving, growing and healthy. This week, I realized that PC3 has Broken the mold!

Sure there are other churches that have more than 1000 total members, but MOST of them are based on a doctrinal draw...

PC3 started from scratch, and this weekend are having the first service in their own building!

All I have to say is

GREAT JOB PC3!!!! You guys have set a standard for wilmington, that will hopefully NEVER go back!!

I am so thrilled to be in a town that can and will support such a thriving ministry!

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