Sunday, September 30, 2007

Do Rappers Rhym.... In the Grocery Checkout?

Hello lady, can you take my cash
feelin like a flash as I get my
Organic vegetables, and my rice oh my
feelin fine where's my change gotta fly............

Ok so I know that would never make it past the billboard top 40 (Worse Failures Ever) and is likely something you would hear from 50cent's dimwitted cousin 2 pence. But I digress...

My thoughts for today are about who we are as individuals. Who am I at home, who am I at work, who am I when I work with clients, who am I when I am ministering to someone in pain? As I have spent the last week on this "Allergy Elimination" diet, I have noticed quite a few things......

1. Who I am is a constant
2. How I respond to my surroundings isn't

I think that in our development as individuals, something along the way gets skewed.... at some point we start to believe and act as though our response to situations is "Who" we are.

If a baseball player always strikes out at bat, sooner or later he will most likely feel like a failure... is he? Maybe at the time in baseball... but not in everything... What if he never practices, or in his practice he chooses to do the same things the same way and never addresses the problem of why he keeps striking out? Sounds sort of insane by me! What if that batter changes and for one hit, hits the ball out of the park.... Did the ball player change as a person? Did his surroundings change? I'm sure at that point everyone would treat him a bit different, including himself.

So what does this mean for me? as everything changes it is important to know who I am through it all. My personal convictions should be that ... personal convictions... those shouldn't change depending on the situation. My attitude toward others... that shouldn't change when I am at checkout or when I am at a party, or when I am at a funeral.... At least not for me... since I genuinely like people... I should like them everywhere I go (Yes I know that there are times when the situation calls for a Louisville slugger to the forehead... but you know what I mean)

In the words of the immortal "The Who" ..........

Who Are you? I really want to know!


Sarah said...

I'm not sure I know "who I am" completely yet. Still finding my way. Spent a long time trying to figure it out. Of this I am sure, God has a purpose for my life and who I am in Christ is far more important than who I think I might be apart from Him. So that's my quest... figuring out my God-given purpose. For now, it is to be a woman of excellence, a great wife and a good mother. I'm sure there is more I am meant to be but for now I'm content just being "me."

Sarah Scott
Life Community Church

Diva Design Jewelry said...

Tim, I love you. I love the way you are the same person with the same heart and goals no matter what the situation. I also love that all your deep thoughts seem to stem from food. That never changes either.