Saturday, November 3, 2007

Daddy needs a new pair of... Pants?

It absolutely amazes me how often we as humans mess around with natural things, and end up messing up more than we know...
Over the last few weeks (5 to be exact) I have been on the warpath to find and eliminate any allergens out of my diet. In doing so one of the most amazing things has begun to happen... my body is actually working the was it's "Supposed" to!!! Get this... in 5 weeks I have lost 25lbs, and last night my wife (Go check out her site) stops by old navy and brings me home a new pair of jeans... size... 36. I have worn size 38 since I was a senior in high school!!!!! How cool is that!

Not only that, but I have more energy now that I can ever remember having, and I seem to be accomplishing more than I have before, I feel, look, and act healthier, and happier... all because of eliminating allergens. Here's the kicker, it seems that the allergens that are most dramatically affecting my system are.... get this..... are you ready..... Man Made Preservatives!

I know and believe that God has given us the wisdom and knowledge to use chemicals and create substances to preserve food and help it grow stronger, and be more resistant to pests, or weather... But at some point it seems, we have stopped creating substances to preserve food for a little while, and started creating substances that taste like food.

Needless to say, I have been spending a lot of time reading labels lately.... and I have found so many things (Things that would entirely comprise my diet) that didn't have a trace of real natural food in it anywhere.... everything modified, everything enhanced, and everything killing me slowly.... what a way to go, a candy bar in one hand... a big mac in the other....

This is the best part, I have lost 25lbs... why?
Is it b/c I have a really smart doctor that said "Hey... this might be the cause of your eczema"?
Is it because I have worked really really hard to not eat anything that could potentially screw up my system?
Yes, and Yes, but I feel most importantly that the reason I am seeing so much change, is b/c God has set up a process by which my body can heal itself and take care of itself. All my doctor and I have done is to eliminate the roadblocks that have been hindering God's planned processes.... Wow, now THAT will Preach!!!

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