Monday, August 27, 2007

Never Eat Cheetos while Listening to "The White Album"

Murphy's law states that "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong". How true is this... hence murphy's "LAW". I have been thinking a lot about relationships lately, primarily because of a situation that my wife and I have been walking through. The more I think about relationships the more I realize how much it is the little things that will make or break an evening. Picture this for me if you will...
Say you are watching tv one evening and you get thirsty, naturally your first response is to jump up and get something to drink. Say in this particular situation you decide to ask your spouse if they are thirsty as well....

This is where it gets tricky

Say they are in fact thirsty, what comes out of your mouth in the next few seconds can make or break your evening... and possibly even you.

Response #1 "What would you like dear and I will get it/make it for you"
Response #2 "While you are up, why don't you fix me a coke"
Response #3 "Well, if you had gotten off from your butt and gone to the store, you wouldn't be thirsty now... would you?

I am still young, and have not been married for very long, but I think that anything other than Response #1 will probably get you in a heap of trouble!

~~ You see, I am finding out more and more how much the little things matter in life. The delicate way we either use our situations to better our own lives, or help other people through theirs... It's like trying to proof read a report while eating cheetos... just a little but will effect the whole thing, and you may not be able to salvage what's left... but if you are really really carefull, and pay more attention to what is "White" than to your own need for cheesy poofs(cheetos) you can have enjoyment on many different levels.

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