Sunday, August 26, 2007

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Starbucks (tm)

As I am sitting here at my local java depot, sippin on a daily brew, eating my pseudo healthy muffin (it has bran in it), I am amazed at how easily we have been trained to demand what we expect. One of the reason's I come to this particular depot on sunday morning, is because they offer a blueberry bran muffin. All of the health of a piece of bark, and twice the sugar! In fact, I will drive a couple of extra miles to go to this coffee shop, just because they have something that I have come to expect they will have... my "blue plate special" if you will ... Muffin deJour.
As I am eating this wonderfull creation I wonder, do I judge other coffee shops, because they don't have what I "EXPECT" them to have? Where in the coffee shop owner's handbook does it say that to be a successfull coffee shop, one must purchase and sell, at a reasonable price, a blueberry bran muffin? If I go to another coffee shop, I am usually disapointed if they don't have this particular muffin... why? It's a COFFEE shop for cryin out loud... not a EVERY MUFFIN UNDER THE SUN shop! Coffee, you know... black gold, texas T... oh wait, scratch that.

Anyway, one of my many points is this,
... How much are we lead by our expectations in life~~ I know that there is a need to expect certain things, like gravity... but what about things like relationships?

Have you ever talked with someone, poured out your heart, and walked away upset because you felt like you weren't heard? why? Usually because you didn't recieve the response you expected. What about church? Do you go to a church soly based on your expectations... what happens when those expectations aren't meant... how do you handle it?

Will you drive out of your way just to find a coffee shop that supports your muffin taste? What happens if you get there, with your mouth wattering, and they are out of your favorite muffin... or they don't play your favorite song, or the preacher doesn't preach a message that makes you feel super happy? What then? Is it time to move on, find a greener pasture, or do we stay put... knowing that hey, they may not have the exact muffin that I want, but I am willing to try something new... and I might find a new favorint muffin inthe process. I am astounded at the amount of relationships today that end in divorce, all for this simple view of... if I can't get it here, there are plenty of other places where I can get what I expect. Except for one problem.

No one, No Church, No Wife, No Coffee Shop, and No GOD, will give you what you expect, and want 100% of the time... so what needs to change?

............ I'm Just Sayin!

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