Thursday, January 8, 2009

Better Business Blogging

WOO HOO!!!!!
That about sums up the last few weeks of my life!

In December, Tim Blevins and I had a discussion about the state of finances of the church and how to effectively move forward in an unsteady and unsure economy. This discussion lead to the ultimate decision and solution that I would go out on my own as a full time web developer/designer, as I have plenty of experience doing it, and already had some clients.

Now this decision, i felt, really was in the church's and in my best interest at the time (and still do), so effective Jan 1, 2009, I became the owner and primary developer/designer for Media 42. I will blog about the name and a bit more about my company later, but for now I wanted to start out detailing my walk through the transition of full time ministry (which I had had for @ 10 yrs) to owning a tech startup and everything I am learning along the way.

An interesting thing has happened over the last couple of weeks, between finishing up a few church projects and developing my own "corporate image" if you will--- which, by the way, MAJOR PROPS to David Southerland!!! (a close friend that designed my logo). I realized that for years and years, I had been looking at business principles and business models, and trying to apply them to the church/ministry setting where applicable. Now I have found myself doing the exact opposite, looking at my business model, and trying to apply the ministry principles to it.

I had the privileged to go to a free small business seminar this week, and really helped put some business principles into perspective. So My goal is to (if not a couple times a week) at least weekly blog about my experiences, and ideas as they pertain to my new career!

Hang On, it's going to be a fun ride!!!


Tim Blevins said...

I'm really proud of you. I know that you are going to do great in this new adventure. As you know, you are still in full time ministry; it just looks a lot different. I look forward to reading your progress and celebrating your victories. I'm praying for you.
Tim Blevins

Timothy R. Heistand said...

Thanks bro! I appreciate it, and agree 100%!!

It does look a bit different, but it is still people.... and what's ministry without people???

That would be like a concert without a performer... wouldn't quite work.

Anonymous said...

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