Sunday, June 5, 2011

Building Linux

I know it has been a LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time since I have posted a blog, so I will attempt to give a quick recap and note as to why this post.

1. Things have been AWESOME with Media 42 building web sites and database admin systems.. so much so I have had very little time to pursue other things of life & enjoyment.

2. I am on the verge of releasing a 100% ready version of RelationCMS Church Management Software for purchase online, and will be STOKED when it is done.

3. (and this is the most important, but because I have A.D.D. doesn't always come first) ... My Wife is AWESOME >>> Check out her blog @ thatshortgirlsblog

4. Ministry.... This is a bit loaded. I am pretty sure at this point I am on what is called a sabbatical - It was never my intention in this, however as I believe God is leading me down a pretty specific path which will allow me to go back into full time ministry without having to worry about financial provision (and have the means to do more of what I feel God has gifted me for), I am ok with this at this point. I am in a place now unlike I have been in for a very long time, a place of learning, growing, and seeking... trying to get answered a TON of questions and issues in my mind & ministry I have never fully been able to resolve... Things which as the workload lightens up I will hopefully share here.

ONTO the Post

The reason for this post is, I am waiting on a build to complete a set of test scripts that is taking a REALLY long time...

I have been in the process of building a linux distro from scratch...
Purpose: I have had a few issues that have arisen lately with "Special" server scripts that clients have needed and it has taken me more time just to muddle through the setup of the server pieces that it actually takes to make the scripts the client needs... Not fun!
So... I have decided to walk through this process so I can have a better understanding of the entire linux system, and also be able to have a custom distro that is trimmed down to ONLY what I need for ONLY the purpose I need.

So far it has been a long and fairly painless process ---- till today... Got stuck on a build test that is taking FAR too long... but will hopefully have that worked out soon... so I figured now would be a good time to blog.

BTW > Not that anyone that would happen to see my blog would REALLY care... BUT if there happens to be any UberGeeks out there that want the info.... There is a tutorial and process located at Linux From Scratch

On that note......

I'm Out

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