Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I realize it has been a bit since my last post, so I am a bit past due.

I had the opportunity to lead the devotional worship time at the church this afternoon. I always enjoy doing those types of sessions for a number of reasons...
1. Worship is, and truly should be b/w God and Me, as it is about the attitude and posture of my heart towards Him.
2. Whether or not anyone shows up, I always enjoy just playing/singing, reading the word and telling God how much I appreciate Him in my life.

Today, however was a bit different.... I was in the middle of the set reading through isaiah, where God, speaking to jacob, said... Isaiah 41:8 "But you, O Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham my friend,". NASB

What a flat out smack in the face!!! ..... God Called him... MY Friend!!!

I don't know if it is as powerful of a hit to you as it was to me, but let me attempt to share what hit me so hard in that moment.

You see God called him Friend... That is AMAZING to me in that there is such a vast difference between friend and son, or even servant...

Don't get me wrong, There is a whole lot of weight tied up in being a son or daughter of God... but this is something deeper, closer, stronger than just being in the family....
You see, a friend is someone that you not only spend time with and talk to but a friend you will share secrets with and take places others might not get to go. A friend also will be someone who is/or has walked with you through good and bad times. A true friend is not someone that will easily let you slide away, or ignore you in trouble.... You see, I have (most of my life) had a good understanding of my relationship with God as a Son... But haven't taken it to the level of friendship.

I'm sure that parents out there can tell you how great it is when the relationship with a child develops to a point where you can consider them a true friend (not talking about an unhealthy co-dependent type relationship, but a mature friendship).

You see, what I have missed all this time was the opportunity to get to know God as a friend.

What does that look like??
Well for starters, A friendship isn't one sided... It's not about your needs, or your friends needs... it's about the relationship and interaction.

It's not a cure all for troubled times, but it is a understanding that whatever you face, it will never be alone.

It's about being able to say, God... What's on your heart?? And then keeping your mouth shut long enough to listen

I have understood some of this before, but today, I really felt like God actually called me a friend.... And I don't care who you are, THAT is huge.

In the middle of the worship time, I was also reminded that Abraham was credited as "Righteous" because he considered him faithful who had made the promise!!

That is a true relationship.... NOT about the promise, but about the faithfulness of the one promising.... because after all... he has been with you the whole way, and you with him!

Anyway.... That's all I have for now... And I truthfully don't care whether anyone gets anything out of this or not... these are just my thoughts.... unedited, jumbled, A.D.D. thoughts

Now, do I want banana pudding for dessert???

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