Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This Month ... (not) In Pictures

I want to beat my posts from last month, so I figured I would start now (cause the month is burnnin and i am a bit slow)

What this month holds.....
I am really looking forward to this month, the rest of it that is...

  1. I get to give away some responsibility and oversight to some other people... always fun
  2. I get to go on a honest-to-goodness vacation!!! First vacation since my homeymoon that is not going to see relatives (although they will be there)... we are actually renting a condo for a whole week!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
  3. Growth and Next Steps - (because of the first point) I get to begin the next steps of my responsibility at the church.... planning for a new member class.
  4. COFFEE!!!!!! At the end of this month Eliza and I will begin our HighSchool Coffee House LifeGroup!!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I can't Wait!

What a fun month!

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