Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Questions I've never asked

I am on a journey. I have recently begun a new process at the church of moving into a role that would oversee and facilitate the visitors and newcomers getting integrated into the church.

My vision is to create a dynamic process in the church that will facilitate loving, energetic, and fully involved ministry for the whole body. A place where people can release the dreams God has given them and get new dreams if they've never had them!

I want this ministry to be so well run and smooth that it would be a model for other churches to use to integrate people into their individual ministries.

Having said all of that here are some questions that I have never asked, but should be asked... and answered.

1. How do I (or you, or a new visitor/guest) feel valued in church/ministry... what does that look like from a healthy perspective?
2. How is Church "Worth" my Time and Energy
3. What are My expectations out of church
4. What "Should Be" my/your/others expectations out of Church?

Just a starting place, but I would LOVE to hear anyone else's oppinions on these questions...

Any Takers???

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